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Access to Childcare for Working Families

     Rep. Patterson co-sponsors legislation to increase affordability of childcare in Missouri. "One of the things I hear most from constituents is the lack of affordable childcare," said Patterson. "That means that people who would normally be working are having to stay at home. This is having an affect on workforce participation in our state."  Read the legislation here:


Fighting Sex and Human Trafficking in Missouri 
     Rep. Patterson
has co-sponsored a bill sponsored by Rep. Jeff Myers (R- Warrenton) to combat the scourge of sex and human trafficking in Missouri.  The bill would establish the Statewide Council Against Adult Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children.  The bill would also mandate EMTs, paramedics, and nurses complete sex and human trafficking training for license renewal.  "This is something that we are seeing more and more of every year.  It's time that the general assembly takes action to combat this issue in our state," said Rep. Patterson.  House Bill 1706 can be read here: 


Jackson County Property Taxes
     Rep. Patterson co-sponsors legislation to reign in property tax increases.  Patterson has also co-sponsored House Joint Resolution 79, which would put forth before the voters a constitutional amendment to require Jackson County to have an elected assessor.  "The time has come for Jackson County to have an elected assessor just like every other county in the state," said Rep. Patterson.  Read Rep. Patterson's comments in the Kansas City Star here:


School Safety         
Rep. Patterson co-sponsors legislation to increase school safety in K-12 schools.  Patterson co-sponsored House Bill 1946, which "modifies provisions governing school safety."  "We must make protecting our kids in K-12 our highest priority.  As a father of two children in public schools, this is personal to me.  I believe there are provisions in the bill that would help prevent the unspeakable violence that is now an all-too common occurrence in this country."  Read the legislation here: 

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