As a State Representative I will support these measures to move keep Missouri moving forward:




I support reforming our tort system to make Missouri a business and physician-friendly state.

2nd Amendment

I will always defend the 2nd Amendment rights of Missourians to keep and bear firearms.

Physician Scope of Practice

I will fight to protect the prerogatives of physicians with respect to the practice of medicine.


Prescription Drug Monitoring

I support instituting a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) in Missouri, just as every one of the other 49 states has done.  As a physician, I see on a daily basis the narcotic epidemic that is hurting too many lives in this state

Right to Work

I support Right-to-Work  

Public Education

I will work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, who wants to help Missouri’s students.  I want every child in Missouri to have the same opportunities I had growing up, to go to a good public school and then get a good job or go to college.